"Scooter Art Leather"

Dixie Leather Works can help you make your motorcycle special ….. 

In doing leather art, we first photograph the bike, color match the paint work and study the paint art scheme. We then like to get a basic idea of client's thoughts and input, however to do our best work,  creative freedom is essential to achieving a custom one of a kind piece of leather art.  

Turn around is 4 to 6 weeks minimum, for rush orders add 25%. Hand & detail intricate machine stitching, inlaid gemstones.  Using antique tools, old leather construction technique, intricate braiding inverted twists, high contrast colors and textures of fine domestic leathers.  To get the best overall finished consistent look, it is best to do all work at the same time.  This allows all materials to match as we cannot re-create the same project twice due to the exotic materials and techniques used are unique to each job.  

 Dixie Leather Works can help you make your motorcycle special …..


This bike is the "Purple Haze" owned by Steve Thompson  of Paducah, KY,  Painted by Jim Defew of Benton KY

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